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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Social Work with patient in Hindu Rao Hospital

Last week I visited to the Hindu Rao Hospital. It is one of the leading hospitals in Delhi and very famous in North-East Delhi. The hospital premise is very large and if you are going first time, you will not able to explore the entire hospital.
Many patients faced problems in searching the various department like where is G block, where is Ultrasound center, where to go for X-ray, where to give blood sample, where to give Urine sample.
The ladies and mostly the uneducated ladies always become in trouble. The distance between medial ward and G-block is very far and it takes too much time to collect the reports.
Hindu Rao Hospital is a very good hospital and doctors working there are very experienced and caring. But the infrastructure facilities should be improved.
There should be social welfare department or social work unit where the patients can get help.

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