IGNOU MSW BSW Field Work Journal

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

NGOs for Doing IGNOU MSW BSW Field Work Training in Delhi

MSW or BSW course required professional training under any qualified MSW instructor. There are numbers of NGOs located in Delhi and most of them are not so much popular or active NGOs. So it is very important to select a good NGO for your field work training. Before joining any NGO for your MSW or BSW field work training, be sure that the NGO has good projects, qualified staff members having MSW or MA Social Work degree, good scope for the volunteers and well organized structure. Here are some of the NGOs where you can go for training.
·         Bal Sahyog
·         Salaam Baalak Trust
·         India Vision Foundation
·         Navjyoti
·         Saathi
·         Saksham
·         Chetna
·         Smile Foundation
·         Cry

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Data To Be Added Community Organization Reports

While making the community organization reports, you can also use following details about the community.
·         Total population
·         Location of the community like how far from the local administrative offices etc.
·         Problems of the community if any in terms of health, sanitation etc.
·         Characteristics of the community like
·         Religion status of people
·         Education status of people
·         Financial status of people
·         Political status of people
First of all you need to build initial contacts with the people living in the community for making the rapport. Then collect the data about the community and build plan for solving their problems.