IGNOU MSW BSW Field Work Journal

Saturday, February 23, 2013

IGNOU MSW BSW 45 Days Field Work Report Download

It is very necessary to do field work in the IGNOU MSW. You have to do 45 days field work training in any NGO. The field work journal is very special document. It contains information regarding your professional skills. If you are facing any problem in field work writing or want to take sample copy of 45 days field work, you can contact us at 9716980784. It is a paid services and you have to pay one time fee.

The field work is helpful if you want to have a successful career in the social work sector. The field work will help you to achieve the professional skills used in the social work. 

IGNOU is a good university for doing the MSW or BSW course. The field work is very important. You have to do 45 days of field work training. It is very important do to field work training for getting the social work skills. 

You can email me for the sample journal copy at harishchandra123@gmail.com


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    1. You will review the journal. You can also show to your field work supervisor for the clarification.

  2. Hi Harish,
    I am a student of BSW final year but I haven’t submitted my field work general yet, as I am working and can’t take 45 days leave form my office. Now I am looking forward for field work but I don’t know how it will work can you suggest any thing ??
    According to you which ONG I should select for field work.. ??

  3. hello harish, this is my first yr of msw ,i dont have any ngo in my area,can i complete my 45 days field work in any government authorised hospital? please let me know. and please do also provide a sample for it

  4. Yes, you can do there. Send me your email address for sample.