IGNOU MSW BSW Field Work Journal

Monday, March 28, 2016

Certified Drug De-addiction Professional

HI friends…
I have completed 3 months drug de-addiction counseling and rehabilitation course from the National Institute of Social Defense located in the RK Puram, Delhi. I am now Certified Drug De-addiction Professional
NISD is a government institute and this department works under Ministry of Social Justice and Defense. During the course, I learned various skills required for counseling. I provided counseling to the addicted person and their family. I motivated them for healthy and good life. I encouraged addicted person using different therapies. I did screening and learned process of detoxification.
I did my block placement at AIIMS under the supervising MSSO Mr. Ratnesh Kumar. He was very helpful person and helped in learning the various skills of counselor need. Faculties were outstanding and they have sound knowledge of this field. It was the nice course.
Thanks NISD for offering this course. 

Monday, March 21, 2016

What is Field Work Journal Practicum of IGNOU MSW

MSW L 001 and MSW L 002, these are the codes of the field work practicum of IGNOU MSW course. MSW i.e. master in social work is a practical course and in this course, you have to learn different skills of social work required in the field. For gaining these skills, you need to do field work training in any NGO or in any development agency.
The days you have spent are 45 days in each year. In each year, you need to fill a book that is called field work journal.
In journal, you have to write following reports.
·        Induction meeting report
·        5 orientation visits repots
·        45 days of concurrent visit reports
·        5 individual conference reports
·        5 group conference reports
·        And self evaluation report.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

IGNOU MSW/BSW Concurrent visit section – how to write

In IGNOU MSW/BSW concurrent field visit reports, there are many sections. Some of them are following and you can fill following data there.
@ Observation related to the agency functioning.
What facilities you found at the NGO and how they are using that for the betterment of their clients.

@ teamwork
How you coordinated with the staff members of the NGO. What support you provide

 @ assignment tasks
What task assigned by your supervisor like making reports, field visit for data collection etc.

@ observation regarding client system and service delivery
While working with the client, what you observe like whether he was taking interest or not, his awareness level etc

 @ administrative assignment
What work you did in the NGO like if you typed any letter, prepared any report or done any other clerical work.

@ field instructions expected
What instructions your supervisor gave. If you asked any question from ,you can write here with the reply you received.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

IGNOU BSW Field Work Journal Questions

The students of BSW are facing many problems. Here are some common questions.
Question 1. Can I submit my entire journals at same time?
Answer: yes, you can submit but if you do it one by one, it will be more effective.
Question 2: can I submit my journal after exams?
Answer: yes, you can submit the journal after the term end examination.
Question 3: how to write the report of concurrent visit?
Answer: there is a format in the IGNOU BSW journal and according to that format; you can prepare your concurrent visit reports.
Question 4: is there any assignment in the journal?
Answer: no there is not any assignment in the journal. It is a completely a practical paper and you have to fill the journal.