IGNOU MSW BSW Field Work Journal

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Social Action Reports of IGNOU MSW BSW Journal

Social action is a special tool of social work. Every social workers use it for solving the problems of individual, groups or community. I have also used it many times for solving the case of my community. I have used RTI and paidal march techniques for the social action.
In the IGNOU MSW or BSW course, students also need to apply the social action tool for getting the professional social work skills. Here is the list of activities and tasks we need to do in social action.

Social action is a good and result oriented activity and it motivates the people. It is not easy and required time and efforts. 
According to IGNOU MSW and BSW course, you need to write following points in your social action report.

·         Social Action Report
·         Who were the organizers/leaders/motivators of the social action activity?
·         Who were the participants of the social action?
·         What were the issues involved?
·         Who were the target of their action? Government, private agency or individuals?
·         What were their demands?
·         Was there any incident that precipitated the protest?
·         Since how long has this project been going on?
What mode of protest have they adopted?
·         For how long do they feel  that the protest will go on?
·         What will they do if there is no response from the authorities?
·         Did they contact  the press /media for coverage?
·         What symbolic acts have they done for furthering the protest?
·         What were the material and non material sources involved?
·         Where were the resources coming from?
·         What was the public response to the actions?
·         What was the response from the authorities?
·         What was the response from the police and administration?
·         Did they keep their line of communication with the authorities?
·         What were the negative impacts?
·         What were the gains?
·         Finally what were your impressions?