IGNOU MSW BSW Field Work Journal

Friday, October 4, 2013

IGNOU MSW Concurrent Visit 45 Days Format - BSW 25 Days Visit Sample

Dear Friends…You have to write 45 days of field work report in the IGNOU MSW journal. You have to write the activities you have performed in your agency during the session of 45 days.Similarly in the BSW, you have to write 25 days of field work activities. Here is the sequence of the report.
·         Date of field work
·         Time spent in the organization:
·         Address of the agency
·         Activities performed today
·         Observation related to the agency functioning or related institution functioning:
·         Teamwork
·         Assigned tasks (which stage and progress so far etc.)
·         Observation regarding client system and service delivery
·         Administrative assignments
·         Social work techniques used
·         Field instruction expected for the following
·         Plan of the next day

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