IGNOU MSW BSW Field Work Journal

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

IGNOU MSW C Block Placement

MSW C or MSW counseling is one of the professional courses launched by IGNOU. There is a paper in the first year of the IGNOU MSWC that is called Block Placement. The course code of this paper is MSWL-47. In this block placement, student has to write information about the field work agency where he performed the field work training. You also need to write summary of field reports.

CBSE UGC NET Result June 2015

Numbers of students are waiting for the CBSE UGC NET Result held in the June 2015. The answers keys and questions papers are available on the CBSE website but still there is no information about the result. May be this time again CBSE is taking time to publish the result. Hope it will be available in the first week of the October.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

IGNOU MSW BSW Self Evaluation Report

Self Evaluation report is a report where you have to write what you learned during the field work practice. You can also write about what information and skills you gained with the help of field work training. In this report, you have to write about the skills you learned and social work tools you used in the field work training.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

IGNOU MSW BSW Journal in Hindi Medium

IGNOU MSW and BSW courses are also popular in the Hindi medium. Numbers of students all over the India selected Hindi medium for studying the IGNOU MSW and BSW courses.
The IGNOU content of MSW and BSW courses are very simple in Hindi medium and you can easily clear your concept in reading the notes in Hindi medium.
Students who selected Hindi medium have to submit the journal in all of the years of study. We are also providing Hindi Medium journal where you will get the reports in Hindi medium.
Report writing in Hindi medium required the detailed information of the NGO and your activities. We will help you in writing the journal reports of MSW and BSW in Hindi medium.
Just contact for IGNOU MSW BSW Journal in Hindi Medium
Harish Chandra (B.Sc, MSW, CNM)
Ph: 9716980784

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Social Work with patient in Hindu Rao Hospital

Last week I visited to the Hindu Rao Hospital. It is one of the leading hospitals in Delhi and very famous in North-East Delhi. The hospital premise is very large and if you are going first time, you will not able to explore the entire hospital.
Many patients faced problems in searching the various department like where is G block, where is Ultrasound center, where to go for X-ray, where to give blood sample, where to give Urine sample.
The ladies and mostly the uneducated ladies always become in trouble. The distance between medial ward and G-block is very far and it takes too much time to collect the reports.
Hindu Rao Hospital is a very good hospital and doctors working there are very experienced and caring. But the infrastructure facilities should be improved.
There should be social welfare department or social work unit where the patients can get help.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Case work with T.B. Patient

Working as a social worker is not an easy task. You have to work with patients having dangerous infectious diseases like T.B. But I love my job and while doing this job, I have earned a good respect. People love me and they offer their regard.
Today, I got a case of a lady who was suffering from the T.B. She has two children and recently she got this disease.
I met with this lady at the hospital. She was looking very weak. She was with her husband. He was a private job employee.
We started the conversion. The lady was looking little bit afraid. May be she was tensed as she has two children.
I motivated her that there is no need to fear. T.B. is curable disease and she will be fine after completing the course. I also talked with her husband and advised him to keep attention over her diet. I advised her to take good diet, juice and whatever she liked.