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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Principles Of Case Work in Field Work Practice IGNOU MSW

In the IGNOU MSW or BSW field work training, while working with client, you have to follow various principles of social case work. With this post, I am sharing a list of principles of case work.
·         Principle of individualization
·         Principle of acceptance
·         Principle of confidentiality
·         Principle of client self determination
·         Principle of purposeful expression of feelings
·         Principle of non judge mental attitude
·         Principle of Controlled Emotional Involvement

Friday, July 8, 2016

DSSW MSW Entrance Exam Social Case Work Books

Social case work is the process used by a professional social worker or social agencies to help individual to cope more effectively with their problems in social function. H.H. Perlman
Social Case Work is an important component of social work. Many questions asked from the Social Case Work topic in the entrance exam of DSSW MSW and M.Phil also. If you are planning for the entrance exam Delhi School of Social Work MSW, then I will advise you to study some good books for the case work practice. Here are some Good Books on Social Case Work by different writers
·         The Casework Relationship by  Biestek.
·         Introduction to case work by Grace Mathew, TISS
·         Social Case Work by RK Upadhayay, Rawat Publications
·         Social Casework: A Problem-Solving Process – H.H. Perlman

These books are also very helpful if you are preparing for the UGC NET exam.