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Monday, December 14, 2015

Individual Case Work Example IGNOU MSW / BSW

Individual Case Work is an important part of the social work practice. In your social work career, you will apply this technique while working with the client’s individually. There are various principles and ethics you need to apply while working with the client. Principles of confidentiality, principle of acceptance, priniciple of non-judgemental attitude are some of the common principles of social case work. Client can also apply defense mechanism like denial, rationalization, projection etc.
Here is an example of case work.
Brief summary of the case – a client is facing the problem of unemployment. He lost his previous job and now he is not getting job anywhere. He tried his best but not received the success. He is now in depression. He also started taking alcohol and cigarette.
At the first sight, the case is simple. We have to motivate the client periodically. As he is also taking alcohol and cigarette, that’s mean, he has some bad company of friends. So first of all we need to start the relationships with client. It can take 2-3 session for starting a fruitful session.
In the next 2-3 session, we can meet with his family members and peer groups. There is a need to do counseling of family members because there support is vital in this case.

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