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Friday, August 18, 2017

Samuh Sammelan Kee Report IGNOU MSW / BSW Field Work Journal

There is a topic in the IGNOU MSW / BSW Field Work Journal about Samuh Sammelan Kee Report i.e. Group Conference Report. In this section, you have to write reports of group meeting that was held with your batchmates.
The proforma of Samuh Sammelan Kee Report may be like this:-
·         Date
·         Time
·         Place
·         Topics Discussed
·         Report of discussion
·         Observation
·         Comments of Supervisor.
In the Samuh Sammelan Kee Report, you may write on the discussion made by you and your batchmates regarding the field work training experience. In this report, you have to write about experience of other students during the field work. You can also write about the comments and guidance made by your field work supervisor.
What was your experience during the field work and what problems you faced during the field work are the main topics for the group conference.

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