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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Jobs and Career after doing IGNOU MSW Course

HI guys…

I am getting numbers of emails and phone calls regarding the benefits of doing an MSW course from IGNOU.

क्या इग्नू से MSW course करने के बाद जॉब मिल जाती है?

The students asked me whether it is doing an MSW from IGNOU beneficial or not. Many students also asked about in which sector I will get job after MSW from IGNOU?

Last day a student called me and asked about the job prospects after completing MSW from IGNOU.

So guys, I want to assure you that there are plenty of jobs and career opportunities after completing the MSW from IGNOU.

IGNOU is not only India’s largest Open University even it is the world’s largest Open University and all of the courses of IGNOU have good scope.

After completing the MSW, you can do varieties of work like

·         Working in any NGO

·         Working in any Corporate Sector

·         Starting your own NGO

·         Working in any hospital as a medical social worker

·         Working in any jail as a correctional setting

·         Working in any labour organization as a labour welfare officer

·         Working in any company as a HR manager

·         Working in any NGO as a consultant

·         Working in any school as a school social worker

·         State Welfare Department

So there are lots of options after completing the MSW from IGNOU.

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